četrtek, 26. februar 2009


Tarifa is great destination for us, europeans. Easyjet flies from Milan Malpensa to Malaga and u can get relly cheap tickets. I think in summer months there are flighs from Venice airport Marco Polo also. From Malaga you take a bus to Tarifa. Unfortunately i have not been there yet, but with great wind statistics, nice location and cheap transport it is second destination on my to go list:)

If in Tarifa, it's a must to take a kitetrip to Morocco. It's just to close to miss it. Check KITETRIP and MOGASURF site for some aditional informations. Also great adress if you are looking for great kitesurfing school.

Hope i'll do a great job in summer semester at my college and visit Tarifa soon!

P.S. Decided to practice my poor english;)

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